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Please note: The Dumb Game is in an incredibly unfinished state of development, or, in better terms: I'm long ways away from actually finishing development for this game! Also, if you don't know: This game is NOT suitable for small children, and those in a workplace!

In an unknown year, on an unknown planet, a group of sentient blue diamonds burst into reality with no explanation. As time passes at an incredible rate on their planet, time mysteriously slows down on Earth. In an attempt to figure out why, a human colony is sent into the furthest reaches of the galaxy, where they bump into the planet containing the blue diamonds. Fearful that they might be hostile, they launch a chemical bomb that only kills one diamond, and proceed to raid the planet. What they could not expect, and what they would not expect is that a once peaceful specimen is now at the end of a decision on wheter or not to fight off the invaders.

Regardless of the decision a diamond known as John is going to systemiatically murder them all, to avenge to death of an acquaintance of his. Though they start in small waves, John soon realizes that reinforcements are bound to happen due to a recently planet beacon in the planet's core. Now, what once was a small, and highly risky mission has now become an insane, death defying mission.


-Dumb, and silly dialog

-An over-the-top story

-3+ Diamond powers to find and decimate your human foes with

-Several Design Flaws That Will Infuriate You While Playing


-Tons of secrets

More information

Published316 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, dumb, secrets
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer


TDGDv0.1ITC.exe (1,015 kB)

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